Tapping Technique For Guitar - Lesson 2

In this guitar lesson we continue our quest for tapping technique that is so terrifying that it makes grown men cry. We are going to look at a few new ideas that complement what we covered in the last tapping technique lesson. (I highly recommend working through the material in that lesson before starting with this one).

OK, I'm assuming that you've mastered the stuff in the earlier lesson. So let's get started with this lesson. Please check out the tapping exercise below…

Tapping Exercise #2:

Tapping Exercise 2

Here's how you play this exercise…

  • Using the second finger of your picking-hand tap onto the 12th fret of the thin E-string.
  • With a downwards flicking motion of your tapping finger, pull-off the tapped note so that the 8th fret note sounds. (This 8th fret note is being fretted by the fourth finger of your fretting-hand).
  • Pull-off from the fourth finger of your fretting-hand to the first finger which is at the 5th fret.

If you've read a few of my technique lessons on this website then you may know that I like to analyze the mechanics of exercises that I learn. And that's exactly what we'll do now. Here is the mechanic being used in Tapping Exercise #2…

Tapping Mechanic From Exercise 2:

Tapping Mechanic 2

This is what the above mechanic means…

  • Tap a note on any string using the second finger of your picking-hand.
  • Pull-off the tapped note to another note on the same string that is being fretted by your fretting-hand.
  • Pull-off to another note on the same string that is being played by your fretting-hand.

As always, once you understand a tapping mechanic, the next step is to compose some licks. And here are a couple that I made up earlier…

Tapping Lick #3:

Tapping Lick 3

This lick is extremely similar to Tapping Lick #1 that we covered in Tapping Lesson 1. The only real difference is that the fretting-hand notes have been reversed. You'll notice that this one small change makes the lick feel VERY different to play. The reason for that is that by reversing the fretting-hand notes you are now using a completely different tapping mechanic.

Tapping Lick #4:

Tapping Lick 4

Like Tapping Lick #2 from the last tapping lesson, this guitar lick uses the A Minor Pentatonic scale. It is a really great lick to work on if you'd like to improve your pull-offs. Pay careful attention to muting with this one. Make sure that any strings that you are not currently playing are muted. (Otherwise you'll get a lot of unwanted noise from those unmuted strings).

Your Homework

Before you move onto any new tapping lessons or exercises, I really recommend doing the following…

  • Read through this lesson and the last tapping lesson again. Be sure that you memorize both of the tapping exercises and all four of the tapping licks.
  • Set speed goals for the exercises and licks. What speed should you choose? Well, it all depends on your current level. But if I had to say a number, I would say 120 bpm. (Getting all the exercises and licks up to 120 bpm would really help you develop a solid foundation of tapping technique. And tapping licks 2 and 4 sound quite impressive at this speed!).

And before I forget, if you are looking for a lot of new tapping ideas to work on (after you master the stuff in this lesson), then I highly recommend investing in a copy of this shred guitar e-book. There's enough tapping ideas in this e-book to keep you busy for quite a while. (To read a full review of this product that I wrote then click on the following link now: Shred Guitar E-Book review).

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