Develop Rock-Solid Electric Guitar Technique In Melbourne

 Why Work On Your Guitar Technique?

Developing your guitar technique is absolutely essential to your success in learning guitar. Why? Well, here are a few reasons why…

  • Effortlessness. The more you develop your technique, the easier your guitar playing will become. With good technique you can play musical ideas effortlessly. Without good technique, then playing the guitar will always feel like a bit of a struggle. You won't feel "at home" with the instrument.
  • Injury Prevention. If you have faulty technique then it's only a matter of time before you hurt yourself. Even if you don't develop a serious overuse injury, you may experience symptoms like sore fingers, wrists, back and neck. And these symptoms definitely don't make guitar playing an enjoyable experience!
  • Progress. It's not uncommon for some guitar players to reach a certain level in their playing and stay there for years. This lack of progress can often be caused by a lack of development of basic guitar technique. They have faults in their technique that will forever hold them back, unless those faults are corrected. Often they have programmed excessive muscle-tension into their hands and body. And until this muscle-tension has been released through effective technical training, they will never get better.
  • Confidence. With a well-developed technique you feel more confident. You know that you have the ability to play the licks, solos and songs that you want to learn.


How I Can Help Your Guitar Technique

I have had a lot of experience helping guitarists improve their guitar technique.  The two main ways that I can help you improve your technique include…

  • Helping you learn and improve your technique with important guitar techniques such as…
    • Alternate Picking
    • Sweep/Economy Picking
    • Hammer-Ons
    • Pull-Offs
    • Tapping
    • Finger Picking
    • Hybrid Picking
    • Bends
    • Vibrato
    • Strumming
    • Left Hand Muting
    • Palm Muting
  • Helping you overcome specific technical challenges such as…
    • Playing in a more relaxed way.
    • Changing chords smoothly.
    • Playing with better timing.
    • Removing bad habits that you might have with your technique.
    • Increasing your speed.
    • Helping you technically master the songs that you want to play.


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